Mint- Chocolate (plant)

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Chocolate mint! Now you can enjoy the aroma of chocolate guilt free! The plant has a creeping habit that cascades over the container's sides or across

How to Grow and Use Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint Plant

Chocolate mint, good for beverages or salads

Chocolate Mint, herb, live plant, in a 4 pot

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Chocolate Mint - Grow Indoors or Out - Live Plant - 3 Pot

Rhizomatous perennial herb with a delicate chocolate peppermint fragrance and taste.

Mint 'Chocolate

Mentha p 'Chocolate' Chocolate Mint from Prides Corner Farms

Mentha piperita 'Chocolate Mint' Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint Plant

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Chocolate Mint plant in 2 inch pots Well rooted and healthy

Chocolate Mint Plant - 2 Plants -100% Organic Non-GMO

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